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Application guide for spherical bearings and housings

Application guide for spherical bearings and housings

Vertical seats P, LP: Suitable for most transmissions and machines with shafts parallel to the mounting surface.
Square seat F, FS: It is generally installed on the side wall of the machine. It has simple structure and convenient installation. It is the most widely used type in flange type bearing housing.
Diamond seat FL, FT: It is suitable for the transmission part with small installation area, which can replace the square seat F.
Slider seat T: Suitable for occasions where the bearing distance needs to be adjusted, the shaft can also move during the operation of the machine. It is mostly used on drive shafts such as belts and chains.
Boss round seat FC: The base surface has a circular boss that can be placed in the circular hole of the frame, so the installation accuracy is high and the positioning is accurate.
Ring seat C: Mostly used for the free side of the more flexible shaft.
Examples of bearing functions:
With top wire bearing UC, SB: can withstand pure radial load and axial load not exceeding 20% of rated dynamic load, suitable for mining, metallurgy, transportation and other heavy-duty machinery.
With eccentric sleeve bearings NA, SA: The eccentric sleeve has a larger tightening force than the top wire and can withstand large axial loads. It is suitable for vibration and impact loads. The tightening direction of the eccentric sleeve should be consistent with the moving direction of the circumference. It is widely used in agricultural machinery.
Conical hole with adapter sleeve bearing UK+H: The adapter sleeve outer spherical bearing is suitable for the connection between the machine with vibration and impact load and the two shafts. It is more suitable for vibration and rotation accuracy than UC and NA. Bearings of the same inner diameter have higher rotational speed and load carrying capacity

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